Von Riedlingen nach Ulm / from Riedlingen to Ulm

23.Juni 2016
Morgens alles trocken abgebaut und los. Es kamen ein paar Hügel mehr, wie gedacht, aber es war alles machbar. Um Mittag gab es dann eine dicke Portion Eis. In Ehingen haben wir Bilanz gezogen. Ich habe eine wichtige Terminsache im Büro liegen, die besser noch Freitag raus geht, denn das britische House of Courts ist ’not amused“, wenn man deren Termine nicht einhält. Des weiteren gab es einen Todesfall in der Verwandtschaft, wo eigentlich erwartet wird, dass Monika auf, die am Freitag stattfindende, Beerdigung geht, zumal sie betreffende Person doch sehr mochte. So entschieden wir, bis nach Ulm zu radeln und dann mit dem Zug zu fahren, da wir es mit dem Rad erst Samstag Abend geschafft hätten. Das fehlende Stück von Ulm bis Ingolstadt ( Neustadt-Ingolstadt sind wir eh schon geradelt) können wir mal an einem verlängertem Wochenende nachholen. Somit ist unsere Reise abgeschlossen. Insgesamt gesehen traue ich mich trotzdem zu behaupten, wir haben in mehreren Etappen Europa einmal mit den Fahrrad vom Atlantik bis zum Schwarzen Meer durchquert. Jetzt stellt sich die Frage nach neuen Zielen…

All packed in dry condition in the morning and start… There were some more hummocks, than we expected, but they were manageable. Around noon, we ate a big portion ice cream. At Ehingen, we made a brainstorming. In my office, there is an important letter and it would be better to sent it Friday than Monday, because the british „House of Court“ is not amused about missed dates. Over that, an great uncle of Monika died. The family expects, that Monika appears at the buriel on Friday. Monika liked this „uncle“, so, she can pay her last respects to him.
So, we decided, to cycle to Ulm and catch a train home, because by bicycle, we wouldn’t have been at home before Saturday evening. The missing part from Ulm to Ingolstadt (Ingolstadt-Neustadt, we made in spring) can be done on a long weekend. So, our journey is finished so far! Nevertheless, I would assert, that we have cycled across Europe from the Atlantic to the Black Sea, of course in several sections over the years. Now, I have only one open question: What will we cycle next?


5 Gedanken zu “Von Riedlingen nach Ulm / from Riedlingen to Ulm

  1. All congratulations to you both, Rainer and Monika, for concluding not only this last tour, but the last segment in your Eurovelo 6 transit! Well done and well related in text and photos to your friends — thank you!

    I can’t wait to hear about your next destination, and of course wish you all the best and safe but adventurous travels. I’m also grateful you returned to your own home and beds safe and sound, for the best Adventures always end with one wanting „more“ and able to do so!

    Take care and once again: Congratulations!

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  2. My (our) sincerest and deepest condolences to Monika for the loss of her grand-uncle. I am sorry, and our thoughts are with Monika and Family at this time.

    As for Denise, we now have *five* more saddles to try, bringing the total to 18. We have yet to fit three, but remain hopeful. I will keep you both updated on our trials of the saddle on the tandem. It is no fun riding when the bottom hurts! I am ever grateful to have found bliss with my Brooks B.17, but it does not suit for Denise.

    I think the Flevobike is well worth trying, but not all recumbent seats are comfortable for everyone either…it is a matter of „try before you buy“. If you buy, perhaps a frame alone would be less expensive and allow at least partial transfer of the drivetrain from Monika’s Müsing.

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  3. I thought about a SRAM Dualdrive. It’s not to expensive and promises a good ratio, but I didn’t calculate it. Next question would be, wether a Flevobike with 20″ wheels (bad, I would need new wheels) or the Flevobike Racer, which can run on 28″ wheels, would mean, I could take existing wheels (with Rohloff) for testing. I’m also interested in a Flevo since some years, but never tried it…

    Gefällt mir

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